Janna Steffan

Graduate Work

Bonjour!  I am a third grade French immersion teacher at the Language Academy. We are a language immersion school within the San Diego Unified School District.  My students are mostly English speakers learning French at school.  The  third graders receive 70% of their day in French and 30% in English.  I think that it's an amazing opportunity for our students to learn a foreign language at such a young age.  They face unique challenges and obstacles and I look forward to studying more about these in my action research project. 

When I am not at school, I love to travel.  I am always looking for a new adventure and love discovering new cultures.  I moved to Paris, France in high school and learned French.  Although part of me will always be in France, I have also lived and taught in Canada and Japan.  

Growing up in the cold midwest winters of Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan I used to dream of the sunny beaches of California.  Six years ago I packed my bags, moved to San Diego, and haven't looked back.  I love the warm weather, friendly people, beautiful beaches, and the plethora of outdoor activities here.  I enjoying biking, running, and swimming on the weekends and I'm hoping to one day consider myself a surfer.